Edible vs Non-Toxic

If you haven't noticed, this shop is only 100% edible FDA Approved products. This  is something that I feel very strongly about. I will only carry products that I personally use and are actually edible. I think there is so much bad information out there about things in this industry. If you're making anything that is meant to be consumed, it's absolutely your job to make sure everything being used is safe and edible. Researching products is very easy and doesn't take all day. And no, going on Facebook and asking what everyone else uses does not count as research. Unless the product you're using says "FDA Approved", chances are, it's not actually edible. I see a lot of tricky words out there that really seem to confuse people. For instance, "food safe" and "non-toxic" do not mean "edible". They mean if it's accidentally consumed, it won't kill you. That doesn't mean in small quantities, or since everyone else is using it it's okay, that means it's not meant to be consumed. Some of these things being used can really harm people. The bottom line is basically; why even use products that aren't FDA Approved and 100% edible, when these amazing products that are, are readily available?


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